Internships & Volunteer Positions

Internships & Volunteer Positions

Internship Positions:

Central Oregon Advanced Practice Providers (COAPP) is a local professional medical organization for nurse practitioners & physician assistants. Our vision is to foster better relationships among all health professionals in our community, thus improving patient care. We welcome providers from diverse specialties and health care fields to join us for continuing medical education, community service events, and professional leadership opportunities.

COAPP is offering multiple internships, ideal for those interested in pursuing or advancing a health-care related profession, such as RN, NP, PA, or med students. Internships are also available for those interested in education, healthcare administration, business, marketing, or website development & design.

Interns will benefit from obtaining excellent early career experience, networking with local healthcare professionals, & attending continuing medical education events. Interns will also qualify for a temporary COAPP membership ($100 value), which provides free CME & significant discounts to many local businesses, including 20-25% off at Bend Rock Gym, Recharge Sports, Monkless Brewery, Worthy Brewery, Central Oregon Eco Cleaning, Tentsile, Ashley Matteson Photography, The Brown Owl, Willow Lactation, and more.

Duties will vary depending on intern’s background, interests, & experience, but may include the following:


  • Reaching out to local healthcare professionals to join our organization and become part of our Central Oregon Health Professionals or Central Oregon Advanced Practice Providers community. Outreach may be done via phone, email, distributing upcoming CME event fliers, and via social media


  • Website design and/or development, updating content, helping manage our growing online healthcare provider directory, providing website support to members


  • Assisting in coordination of continuing medical education by communicating with upcoming lecturers to obtain necessary lecture materials, reviewing medical education materials, uploading power points of past CME (continuing medical education) lectures for members


  • Attending CME events, assisting in set-up/take-down, videography/photography of events


  • Designing fliers and other materials for our upcoming educational and/or community service events


Internships are unpaid; however, interns that are involved in membership outreach will be eligible for a bonus of 20.00 per new member they recruit to sign up through member outreach ( for example, $100/week for recruiting five new members).


Ideal Candidates will have strong leadership skills, excellent communication ability, computer/website skill or willingness to learn; teachable, timely, detail oriented, highly organized. Those with website development experience and/or an interest in health & medicine encouraged to apply! Must have reliable references. Requesting a minimum 6 month commitment. 50% of work can be done from home.

We have two part-time positions at 10-15 hours/week and two part-time positions at 15-20 hours/week.


To Apply:

Please send CV & Cover Letter to

Follow us on our facebook Business page: COAPP  & Central Oregon Health Professionals




Volunteer Positions: 

Volunteering with COAPP is an excellent way to get more involved with other local providers, network, build your professional career, and give back to our community. Volunteers get a 30% discount on annual membership. We also encourage students to volunteer as a way to meet potential preceptors, find out about job openings for new grads, and grow your medical knowledge base.

If interested in any of the following positions, please send an email to

Member Outreach

Description—reach out to new members, welcome them; get existing members more involved; recruit new members (and extended network providers)

Service Coordinators

Description: Become aware of needs in the community for volunteering/reduced cost services that we can participate in (ie health fairs, screenings, first aid); partner with non-profits to get them to sign up on our directory or advertise with us for reduced cost

Marketing Volunteer
Description—distribute flyers, business cards, help promote events by word of mouth, esp at workplace, help make flyers for events; post events on facebook group sites

Website Support

Description—Wordpress/plug-in experience for basic website maintainance or development

Local Business Partnership Liaisons

Reach out in person, phone or email to local business to encourage sponsorship—business (health-related and non-health related) can offer services to our members for 20-25% discount in exchange for either a discounted listing (if health care related) or advertisement on our site (sponsor’s page with ad/link to their website).

Event Coordinators

Description—Create/Host Events such networking events, family socials, fun outings (COAPP bike or hikes), journal club, skill lab, case studies/round table—Coordinate one non-CME event every 3-4 months

CME Coordinators

Description of Volunteer Duty— Help/Co-Coordinate a CME event (at least one a year)

A. Connect with speaker
B. Obtain CV, PPT/Topic Outline/Handout, GAP analysis
C. Coordinate Available Date for Talk and Location (St Charles or a Host Home)
E. Pick up CME certificate Forms and Disclosure Statement
F. Be Present at the Event and Welcome Guests, Make sure Guests Sign In
G. Thank you notes/honorariums to guest speakers